Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friendly Gestures

Someone asked me the other day if he could borrow a pen. Well, that's not quite accurate. He asked me and motioned toward me if he could borrow a pen. He said, "You got a pen?," then clasped his index finger, middle finger and thumb and waved them frantically in the air. Not sure he needed to put on a demonstration. I'm familiar with the pen, and how it is used. I had already assumed he was going to write with it.

It's not the most unusual hand gesture I've seen from a person who's making a request. I get a kick out of anyone who asks to use my cell phone by extending his thumb and pinky, closing the other fingers and raising the hand near his ear. Hmmm...well, my smartphone isn't shaped that way. I can lend you my cordless phone from 1992, if you like.