Friday, February 4, 2011

Giving Myself Credit

I'm not a very interesting person. I used to think I was an interesting person. I'm an author, a pop culture expert, a Pez dispenser collector and a blogger. And as you know, all bloggers have something interesting to say.

But no, my life is rather dull. This is the conclusion I have come to after having several run-ins with old acquaintances in recent weeks. We had wonderful chitchats about the weather. We both decided that we're tired of the snow and we wish that winter would be over already.

After we spent a few more minutes analyzing the five-day forecast, there was a fairly lengthy pause. I used it as a cue to start preparing answers for the two most popular questions asked of me: "How's the job?" and "Are you married?" (The latter question is usually followed by a third question: "Why not?")

Those questions never came. Instead, I was asked, "How's the family?" In other words, "You've bored me already. Let's talk about the family members that I do like." It's a real blow to the ego. But I hid my disappointment and told them, Yes, they're doing fine. I'll let them know you said hello. (No I won't.)

Then they said something that really bothered me: "Your parents deserve a lot of credit for the way you turned out." Make no mistake, I have two wonderful parents, and I do not take them for granted. But...don't I deserve a little bit of credit? Strike that. I deserve a lot of credit. I maintain a steady job without their help. I pay the rent without their help. I beat Super Mario Galaxy without their help. So I am deserving of credit. I'll let them have credit for owning a washer and dryer I use every other week.

My hope is that these sort of acquaintances will take a greater interest in my life as I grow older, get married and start a family. And that they won't ask questions like, "How are the wife and kids?"