Friday, February 15, 2013

An Important Message For Presidents Day Weekend

Presidents Day weekend is here, a time to celebrate the birthdays of two of our greatest presidents, George Washington and Oscar nominee Abraham Lincoln.  Be sure to take a moment to reflect on their bravery, their leadership during tumultuous times, their willingness to make difficult decisions in the face of adversity, and the sacrifices they made for our great nation.

You may spend the rest of the weekend shopping for discounted clothes and furniture at your local department store.

I began my holiday weekend today by spending 20 minutes searching Google for the correct spelling of "Presidents Day." I can now confirm that no apostrophe is needed.

As it turns out, "Presidents Day" is something of a misnomer. Under federal law, the holiday is designated as "Washington's Birthday." But informally, U.S. citizens have been forcing the Father Of Our Country to share his special day with Lincoln for years. Sorry, George, but the Revolutionary War was soooooo 1775-1783.

On this Presidents Day weekend, I suggest we pause to acknowledge not only Washington and Lincoln, but the 41 presidents and the 47 vice presidents whose birthdays have been ignored throughout history. So, to Presidents Millard Fillmore and Franklin Pierce and Rutherford B. Hayes, and Vice Presidents John C. Breckinridge and Schuyler Colfax and Dan Quayle, and all the rest, happy birthday.

Whenever that is.