Friday, March 29, 2013

An Open Letter To My (Potentially) Divorced Facebook Friends

Hi there! I just noticed in my News Feed that you updated your profile picture. What a beautiful, filtered photo of yourself at the beach. Very cool.

When I saw your name, it occurred to me that we haven't spoken in a long time. A really long time, as a matter of fact. What has it been, 10, 15 years? Since we attended school together? Can you believe that? Man. Remember that one time when we were with some friends and we did a bunch of stuff together? Memories.

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't checked your profile in years. For that, I apologize. What have you been up to in that time? Anything new in your professional life? Or your family life, perhaps?'s not usually my nature to pry, but I recall that at the time we became Facebook friends, you were married. I've only now realized -- having just seen your profile picture update in my News Feed -- that you've dropped your married name and restored your maiden name on your profile.

I hesitate to ask such a personal question, but...did you split from your husband? Are you no longer married? Your relationship status is not public, at least it's not visible to me, and I was unable to come to a definitive conclusion after scrolling through all of your and your friends' postings on your wall over the past year.

I understand that this is a private matter, and I want to respect your feelings. At the same time, we are Facebook friends, and it was difficult to ignore the name change, and you have posted a lot of private moments on your wall, i.e. the photo of yourself wearing that bikini on the beach. I'm just interested to learn whether or not you are divorced.

Anyway, we should get together sometime. It's been way too long! Take care.