Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pick Up The Phone And Call A Senior Citizen Today

I've been researching the smartphone market as of late. Currently, I own a basic cell phone, and quite frankly, my hand feels naked without a phone that allows me to surf the Internet, listen to music and play games whenever I'm walking on the street. So I may buy a smartphone in the near future.

I find it odd that the phone companies I looked into offer a limited plan specifically for senior citizens. I didn't realize that a person begins to lose interest in making phone calls once they turn 65. Either that, or the phone companies somehow came to the conclusion that no one wants to talk to a senior citizen. "They don't need the minutes. Who's going to call an old guy anyway? He'd just tell boring old stories and fall asleep in the middle of the conversation." It's not like he won't have the ability to tell his stories on his phone; he'll just have to save minutes by sending really long text messages.