Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Smile When You're Shaving

I mentioned before how confused I was by the "Teach Your Baby To Read" commercials I often see on TV. Well, I'm now puzzled by another set of ads. There are several commercials for electric shavers, and while the brands and functions may vary, they all seem to include a scene with a man staring into the mirror, caressing his cheeks and chin, and smiling widely, proud of himself after a nice, clean shave.

What is this guy so happy about? All he did was shave. It's not a rare skill. In fact, virtually every man on the planet shaves every day. And I can't speak for all of them, but I'm never happy when I'm shaving. It's an annoying chore. Any activity that can lead to bleeding can't be all that fun.

I have one more bone to pick with these commercials: I've never, ever had a woman put her arms around me in the bathroom after I've shaved because she's so darn happy that I have a smooth face. Seriously, who out there is in this kind of relationship? I mean, I've never hugged a girl because she shaved her legs. But then, I've never seen a woman stare at her legs in the mirror after she's shaved them, either.